The rail thing

I first became interested in railways in about 1968. I was brought up in Littlehampton, deep in the heart of Southern Electric territory, so trips to London and the West Country were always interesting because of the variety they brought. I just remember steam​, seen in the distance from my nan's flat in Battersea, at Lyminster crossing (the Brighton-Plymouth), somewhere in London and at Ryde.

I didn't take my first railway photo until 9 July 1971, at Dawlish Warren. Since then I must have taken 100,000 or more! I've lived in Littlehampton in Sussex, Leadhills in Scotland, Leysin in Switzerland, Bosham in Sussex, Horningsham in Wiltshire and now Bristol, so have had many different opportunities to take pics over the years.

My Short Biography

I started the first rail thing facebook group in 2013 and since then it has grown to about 500 linked groups, covering rail, tram, narrow gauge, miniature and model. there are about 100,000 members across the group, probably the largest rail community in the uk.

this website is designed to become a major resource for rail enthusiasts worldwide and will grow organically in conjunction with the facebook groups and the rail thing blog.

Submissions of pictures and articles are always welcome. please email to leysiner@aol.com